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AKB CONSULTANTS is a leading structural design consultancy firm based in gurgaon. Here, we provide flexible and cost effective solutions in structural design engineering, ensuring a high level of quality and delivering on time. read more


AKB Consultants has successfully undertaken several prestigious assignments, including work from government organisation and private builders. Collectively as a team using pragmatic approach we always deliver on time.


We are focused on engaging and motivating our people to give their best and help them to develop to their full potential. Each segment of our team works with tenacity till the client is fully satisfied.


AKB Consultants is perennialy working hand in glove with several government and private organisation to develop pan India residential, commercial and infrastructurally safe and economic structures.


We provide vigil services to our clients including government approval, retrofitting and maintenance from the inception to even after the time when the project gets concluded to develop mutual trust and relationship.

What We Are Proud Of

Why Choose AKB Consultants

On Time

Time management is of pivotal importance for us. We have ZERO tolerance for delays.


More than 20 years of substantial hard work has helped us developep unparallel efficacy.


Clear and detailed quotations and design contracts. 24X7 access 365 days of project design updates.


We handle diverse and voluminous projects successfully. Flexible project cost options available.

If you would like to know more about our services please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you.

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