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“Asset” is a property owned by a person or persons or company that has a value and is available to meet debts, commitments etc. “Asset” liquidation or simply an “Asset” comes into play when there is a need to meet a debt or a committed requirement. Valuer is authorized to declare the worth of a particular commodity, may be it is property/machine or any other item. The main categories under which valuation is issued are:-

  • Immovable Properties.
  • Agricultural Lands.
  • Plant and Machinery.

Why Asset Valuation?

Asset valuation is one of the offering in M/s A.K. B. Projects Pvt. Ltd. portfolio. When there is a need to liquidate or provide guarantee through an “Asset”, it becomes imperative to have “Asset Valuation” done correctly as per prevailing market conditions. This enables both the parties to be benefitted due to “Asset Liquidation”, equally.


BFSI: Banking, Leasing and Financing companies provide loans against “Assets”. These companies are in constant need of “Licensed Valuer” who helps them to arrive at correct value as per the current market conditions. M/s A.K. B. Projects Pvt. Ltd. are licensed “Asset Valuer” and differentiate from the others as they have detailed knowledge of “CPWD Cost Index” & other parameters required for proper assessment of property. CPWD Cost Index value is added to the prevailing rate of the land and “Asset Valuation” is done. They have one expert (ex-CPWD) on their panel. Hence with this edge they are able to deliver “near-precise” Asset Valuation.

Individual or Group of Individuals:

Individual buyers are in need of loan to purchase a property or an “Asset”. In another scenario they may be in need of a loan against an “Asset”. In both the cases the “Asset Valuer” services help them to secure the loan. In case of Income Tax evaluations, M/s A.K. B. Projects Pvt. Ltd. provide services to the individuals, group of individuals or owners. They also provide valuation services for Mergers & Acquisitions as per the CPWD Cost Index and current market prices. An individual may want to do Valuation of self-owned property as well. Services for the same are also provided.


Having expertise in Government Approved CPWD Cost Index based valuation in our panel, coupled with experience and network enables us to provide precision in their valuation with technical clarity.


It helps the customer to compare to others in the market? In terms of time, money and services provided.
Income Tax Department Rate
Bank Rate
Private: as per actual / negotiation on % basis or sq. ft. basis

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